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Clarity of operations worth having

We know how to put your business decisions into context.
We also know how to optimize your business processes.
We have been doing it for Forbes-listed companies since 2007.

Identify and prioritize problems

1. Identify & Prioritize

Time4 weeks

We will model your business processes from the perspective of decisions with Trilayer Business Process Analysis™.
We will evaluate business impact of identified problems with our Synergistic Prioritization Matrix™.


  1. Trilayer business process models
  2. Prioritized list of problems
Divide problems to manageable parts

2. Divide & Conquer

Time6 weeks

We will recursively break down each problem into manageable parts until we find implementable solutions.
We will identify synergies and assess ROI of each solution cluster.


  1. Detailed problem breakdowns
  2. Solution evaluations
Roadmap and Change Management

3. Plan & Execute

Time3-12 Months

We will model optimal business processes, ensuring your business decisions are data-driven and consider applicable risk factors.
We will prepare a change roadmap with progress metrics and monitoring tools.


  1. Unified, optimized business processes model
  2. Process change roadmap

Trilayer Business Process Analysis™

360° analytics

Simultaneous analysis of multiple aspects of Business Processes:

  1. Process execution flow - relations of decisions and actions,
  2. Data flow - systems and analyses providing insight to decision-makers,
  3. Transparent Risk Management Framework™ - decision-focused risk management framework.

The resulting Trilayer Business Process Analysis™ provides more than just lock, stock, and barrel view of the business operations, but also allows their quantitative modeling.

Trilayer Business Process Analysis

Synergistic Prioritization Matrix

Synergistic Prioritization Matrix™

Comprehensive prioritization

Prioritization matrix supplemented with an algorithmic approach to take into account relations between different problems, and providing background for identifying synergistic solutions.

Transparent Risk Management Framework™

Inherent risk management

The framework for the identification and design of all elements required for a complete risk management. Tailored to protect and enable your business process elements.
Used as an element of Trilayer Business Process Analysis™ to ensure quantified risk is an inherent element of business optimization.


Is it for me?

When should you contact us?


You have not been consulted yet

Until recently you thought you don't need those pesky consultants fiddling with your fine-tuned business?
If you changed your mind and are looking for someone who will ensure the individual approach respecting your achievements, but identifying all the weak spots, we're here.


You want a second pair of eyes

Is there a big change ahead of you, and you think that the roadmap you received could use a second opinion? Or maybe what you've got just doesn't sit well with you?
We may look at the plan you've been presented from the different angle. From multiple angles, to be precise.


Nothing changed, even if it should

Did you dot all the i's and cross all the t's in your business tranformation program and still feel like there are hiccups where there should be a smooth ride?
You may still announce the success. Big Name behind The Plan ensures no one will doubt optmial status, right? Or you may contact us.